5 Tips for Traveling with Kids

30 Jul, 2013

Some of a kid’s best memories happen on family vacations. But for parents, traveling with children can be extra stressful. Here are five tips to make your family vacation easier:

1. Pack smart: If you are flying with kids, most airlines will check a car seat for free (we recommend calling to check your airline’s policies). Use the extra space in your car seat travel bag to pack diapers, jackets and other soft items.

2. Stock up on snacks: You know kids will get grumpy and tired if they’re hungry. Pack snacks that you can tote around, like granola bars, dried fruit and nuts. If you’re staying at The Beverly Garland, stop by Bev’s Boutique to grab cold beverages and other treats.

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3. Bring wet wipes: Traveling with kids can be a messy affair, and if you’re taking planes, trains or other public transportation, you’ll be glad to have wet wipes. Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes—especially in the little travel packages—are also lifesavers for moms and dads.

4. Fly with less stress: If you’re traveling with an infant, feed them right at takeoff and landing. This will not only help distract them from the air pressure change, but they’ll likely fall asleep for the rest of the flight after her bottle. For older kids, chewing gum helps pop their ears. If you can’t fly during their naptime, keep the kids entertained on the flight with puzzle books, a new iPad app or a DVD/streaming movie.

 5. Choose a Kid-Friendly Hotel: At The Beverly Garland, we not only offer fun activities for the whole family (like our Dive-In Movies), but we also offer KidSuites perfect for the whole gang.

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We look forward to seeing you and your whole happy family in Los Angeles soon!

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